Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety and panic are the most common and the most treatable mental health problem.

Anxiety is actually a normal bodily response that helps keep us safe – the “fight or flight response” that makes us step back quickly when a car passes us too closely. It becomes a problem when it occurs without any reasonable stimulus. 

If you suffer from problem anxiety or panic it likely negatively impacts your daily life and could be interfering with relationships and work. You might experience:

  • excessive or unrealistic worry that is difficult to control 
  • edginess or irritability and inability to calm your body or your mind 
  • difficulty sleeping or falling asleep
  • restlessness, tiredness, or muscle tension
  • racing thoughts and difficulties concentrating
  • lack of success with regular “relaxation” techniques
  • palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth, trouble swallowing, nausea, or diarrhea

There are many different kinds of anxiety disorders, and each person’s experience is different, so our work would focus on your experience and situation. We would build on your strengths, self-awareness, and prior knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

Most people who come for help with their anxiety notice a distinct difference within a few sessions. I can help you:

  • develop practical and effective grounding skills so you feel more settled
  • challenge thinking patterns that lead to anxiety and replace them with more realistic thoughts
  • explore and heal the source of your anxiety
  • gain different understandings of the anxiety and learn to relate to it in helpful ways
  • develop mindfulness skills to bring awareness and acceptance to your moment-by-moment experience

Through anxiety counselling you can develop tools that will work for you in the real world go hereAs a result you will  regain trust in yourself and increased control of your experience. This will free you up to enjoy life more, and no longer be held back by anxiety.

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