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The way the nightmares disappeared: a story about anger in grief

Anger is a normal part of grief but expressing it can be hard because we tend not to like to feel angry.  Anger can be taboo especially for women, and especially as part of grief. We may recognise it, but often we don’t know … Continue reading

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Chicken dance wisdom

How do we change habitual unhelpful reactions? Or in simpler language, how do we change habits? I’ve been exploring possible approaches in a hands-on fashion. Here’s a story of (momentary) personal triumph that might appeal especially to parents of young children. … Continue reading

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Victim, Rescuer or Persecutor? The Karpman triangle

Do you wonder what’s at play when you, or others around you, get stuck in conflict or in wonky relationship dynamics? Perhaps you feel pulled into a caretaker role, or feel helpless? Here’s a brief article taken from my latest SoulSoil … Continue reading

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Interpersonal conflict? Try this.

Interpersonal conflict is inevitable in life. How we deal with it – both within ourselves and in communication with the other, can take us on very different paths.  Exploring our reactiveness can: help us understand ourselves more deeply find compassion for ourselves and … Continue reading

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Is this Anger or Postpartum Depression?

This article is part 3 of a 3-part series on anger and parenting. See Part 1: How to Healthily Relate to Anger and Part 2: Anger and Parenting: Stigma or Opportunity?.  So, is this anger part of postpartum depression? Maybe. I want … Continue reading

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Anger and Parenting: Stigma or Opportunity?

It’s so normal to have your buttons pushed and feel angry on the journey of parenting – especially in the demanding early years. I will focus on those early years here, but the information may be more widely applicable too. This article … Continue reading

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How to healthily relate to anger

Feeling angry seems taboo in our culture. We’re told to let go of it, to control it, manage it. The underlying message is “don’t be angry”. So we’re stuck with having a very uncomfortable feeling that we’re not meant to have, with very little road map apart … Continue reading

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