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The story of the upside down bird

A bird flying upside down. A tightly wound coil.An open lake.A powerful dragon getting flight and exploring the world for the first time.  What do these have in common? These are all inner images that clients have found during sessions … Continue reading

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Press release: book on motherhood available for pre-order!

I’m excited, proud and slightly nervous to announce that my first peer-reviewed article will be published soon!  My article is called “Navigating the Waters of Early Motherhood: Somatic Awareness, Creative Expression, and Being Held”.  It is intended in part to … Continue reading

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Why it’s cool to be awkward

Many people come to see me because they feel socially-awkward and don’t enjoy it. They want more connection, they want more confidence, and they want to feel at ease. Who can blame them? As a therapist I help them see possible places they get … Continue reading

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“I remember the place” – a movement practice

I’d like to introduce you to a favourite sanity-inducing movement practice of mine. My acupressure teacher Arnold Porter taught it to me over a decade ago and I’ve been finding healthy perspective through it ever since. I believe it is from the Shin … Continue reading

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Chicken dance wisdom

How do we change habitual unhelpful reactions? Or in simpler language, how do we change habits? I’ve been exploring possible approaches in a hands-on fashion. Here’s a story of (momentary) personal triumph that might appeal especially to parents of young children. … Continue reading

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Beyond Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach that research has shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression amongst other issues. In this article I’ll explain the basics of CBT, look at some recent developments that combine CBT with … Continue reading

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Mindfulness courses – Fall 2015

Here are some engaging mindfulness courses in that my colleague, co-conspirator and husband Sean Park is offering this Fall in Hamilton. He’s a very alive and engaging teacher. If you’re interested in building your mindfulness skills – both to reduce stress, … Continue reading

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How to healthily relate to anger

Feeling angry seems taboo in our culture. We’re told to let go of it, to control it, manage it. The underlying message is “don’t be angry”. So we’re stuck with having a very uncomfortable feeling that we’re not meant to have, with very little road map apart … Continue reading

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How to talk to your inner critic so it will listen

We all know it: the critical voice (or force) inside that has something demeaning to say about you. It might say (or feel like): “do more, it’s not enough”, or “why did you do it like that? …you messed up again?” or “why would he like you?” or “ooh, think … Continue reading

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What is Hakomi?

Following the broader Mindfulness-based therapy – FAQ article, this one focuses on Hakomi. Hakomi is a form of therapy that guides and inspires my work.  I should note that while I’ve worked in small group trainings for several years, and under supervision for more, … Continue reading

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