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Emotional eating?

Emotional eating, sometimes known as stress eating, can be defined as using food to cope with life circumstances or feelings, typically difficult ones. Sometimes the terms emotional eating and binge eating are used interchangeably, and although binges are often emotionally driven, not all … Continue reading

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What a therapist does with her own anxiety: a story

This week was a bit crazy. It gave me an “opportunity” to see how I experienced anxiety and stress, and how I… teacher of Mental Health and psychotherapist… navigated it. I thought I’d write about it, mostly to debrief it with … Continue reading

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What is your attachment style?

In your closest relationships do you tend to “dial up” or “dial down” your emotions? I’m happy to be part of a supervision group and recently a colleague gave a presentation on the Circle of Security. This is a body of … Continue reading

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Beyond Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach that research has shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression amongst other issues. In this article I’ll explain the basics of CBT, look at some recent developments that combine CBT with … Continue reading

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Digital distraction: tips for staying truly connected

How distracted are you? Do you have good device-use “manners”? Have you ever texted at the dinner table? Answered an inconsequential text/email disrupting an otherwise enjoyable conversation? Do you turn to technology to relieve anxiety? Has this behaviour become so habitual you … Continue reading

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How to talk to your inner critic so it will listen

We all know it: the critical voice (or force) inside that has something demeaning to say about you. It might say (or feel like): “do more, it’s not enough”, or “why did you do it like that? …you messed up again?” or “why would he like you?” or “ooh, think … Continue reading

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Anxiety soup: a personal story

Throughout the day yesterday I felt a gnawing anxiety in my body. Mostly it sat in my chest as agitated tight heaviness. Like the too-much-caffeine feeling, but with stuckness and panic thrown in. I was aware of the Ick through … Continue reading

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