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Finding peace this holiday season

Concerned about the holidays? You’re not alone. Clients are coming in thick and fast with a range of holiday concerns these days. It’s a topic I’ve written extensively on, so here’s a little overview of what I can offer:  Finding Your … Continue reading

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Tips for challenging family visits

As mostly rational, fairly successful adults, most of us lucky enough to still have living parents hope that family visits will be enjoyable, connective, potentially heart-warming experiences, at least in part. It seems though from my personal and professional experience that … Continue reading

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Finding your holiday compass

There is a inflatable dinosaur with a santa hat eating a gift in the front garden of a neighbour. My 2 yr old is captivated by the dinosaur and excited about Santa but has no clue about baby Jesus. Hmm. The holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas … Continue reading

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Christmas can be a difficult time

I took my 2yr old to see the beloved children’s musician Raffi on the weekend. It was a much looked forward to event for both of us, and it was a joy to see and hear Raffi in the flesh. What I remember … Continue reading

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Beyond candy: find the juice this Halloween

This post first appeared in the Oct 2015, SoulSoil newsletter. Has Hallowe’en has become a bit stale? A bit too full of plastic jack o’lanterns and skulls, over-produced costumes and absurd amounts of candy? For me, yes to both.   Drawing on … Continue reading

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