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Mother’s Day: the joys and sadnesses

Mother’s Day can bring sadness and loss as well as joy and delight.  I’m not trying to be a complete downer. I just want to acknowledge what often isn’t incase it applies to you or someone you’re close to.  Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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Study: Post-partum Depression More Likely 4 yrs Postpartum

Many women feel relief if they make it through the first few months with no sign of ongoing post-partum depression or anxiety. Having studied, and experienced, post-partum challenges myself I was curious to find this: an article published in Today’s Parent (Feb 2015) … Continue reading

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My friend breastfed my baby | Counselling in Hamilton

I’m moved and inspired by the recent Guardian article: “My friend breastfed my baby” by Elisa Albert.  ‘I had never heard of anyone I knew nursing another woman’s child and I never wondered why,’ says Elisa Albert. A friend breastfed my … Continue reading

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Effects of childhood adversity on life long health

In this TED talk Dr Nadine Burke Harris explores the effects of childhood adversity on health and wellbeing across a lifetime. “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat addressing our nation today”. Robert Block (Former President of … Continue reading

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