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Finding your holiday compass

There is a inflatable dinosaur with a santa hat eating a gift in the front garden of a neighbour. My 2 yr old is captivated by the dinosaur and excited about Santa but has no clue about baby Jesus. Hmm. The holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas … Continue reading

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Supporting the modern parent

“Baby’s are so precious” is a mindset that seems so ubiquitous, instinctive and ageless. But not so, as a book I’m enjoying called All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting points out. Author Jennifer Senior notes that it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Easter: why we do what we do

Easter Day comes around again and if you’re like me you wonder… why do we do what we do on Easter? Chocolate eggs, rabbits?  And how again does this link to the Resurrection? I know the Pagan links, but here … Continue reading

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1 month in a meat locker: reflections and questions

Since we arrived in Hamilton 1 month ago the outside temperature has oscillated between a balmy -5 and a frigid -23 (colder with wind chill). Most days have loitered around -15. An extreme cold warning has been in effect seemingly … Continue reading

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Effects of childhood adversity on life long health

In this TED talk Dr Nadine Burke Harris explores the effects of childhood adversity on health and wellbeing across a lifetime. “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat addressing our nation today”. Robert Block (Former President of … Continue reading

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