Grief & Loss Counselling

Loss, whether it’s sudden and tragic or whether you could see it coming for years, can shatter your sense of order and thrust you into a world changed forever. The safe world you knew no longer exists. Trying to make sense of it all and recover can be overwhelming.

Experiences of unresolved grief include:

  • thoughts dominated by the loss coupled with poor concentration, tearful spells, and confusion about the future
  • feeling overcome with grief
  • social withdrawal, lack of appetite, weight loss and other signs of depression
  • feelings of guilt
  • avoidance of talking on anything more than a superficial level about the loss
  • unhealthy behaviour patterns that interfere with work and life

To begin to integrate your loss and move forward, grief counselling can help you work through the stages of grief and the tasks of mourning.  You can then start uncovering and remembering the good memories, and orienting to your future without forgetting the past.

Grief counselling can help you:

  • identify, clarify, and express feelings associated with the loss
  • resolve any conflict or guilt related to the loss
  • adapt to your new reality
  • begin investing in your future


I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie to help with my grief from losing a parent. What I really appreciated about Stephanie was her ability to help me connect my mind, body and spirit to help me through the grief process.

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