Counselling and psychotherapy fees are either paid out-of-pocket or through your insurance benefits.

Counselling fees – Out-of-Pocket

$140 per 60 min appointment (+HST). Longer or shorter appointments can also be booked depending on your needs. If your fees are not covered by adequate insurance I can offer a sliding scale.

I accept email money transfers and request that these are paid before the appointment. I will accept the e-transfer and send a receipt after the appointment.

Receipts not submitted to insurance coverage may be tax deductible as medical expenses. Please check with your accountant to confirm.

Insurance coverage

My services are often reimbursable under extended health insurance plans. I would encourage you to call your benefits provider:

  • ask if Psychological Services are covered and if so what providers are covered (e.g. Reg Psychotherapists, or Reg Psychologists etc)
  • how much you have available per year
  • when your benefits renew

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and more and more providers are accepting this designation.

My services can often also be covered of a Registered Psychologist because I receive supervision from one. In order to be eligible for this we’d need to communicate a little more prior to any appointment. For those paying through this system I request payment is made at the end of sessions by credit card only. I provide you with a receipt which you submit to your health insurance provider for reimbursement.

Once you clarify your insurance details, please contact me with any queries.


If you need to cancel an appointment, please give at least 48 hours’ notice.

Once an appointment is scheduled, without due notice, you will be expected to pay a $80 cancellation fee unless it is an emergency. I am flexible with this during Covid.

Thank you for understanding.


Stephanie has an exceptional ability to work with me to dig deep and identify the ways and patterns of my anxieties. She also is very skilled at mindfulness techniques, and is able to help me look not just at my thoughts, but my emotions, looking them over and figuring out how to get to the core of what they are trying to tell me.

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