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Stephanie Park, Registered Psychotherapist

Stephanie Park, Registered Psychotherapist 

People come to me with problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, low self-esteem, relationship challenges and difficulties with life transitions; problems that ail most of us at one point or another.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist offering individual therapy to adults in Hamilton, Ontario. I welcome clients from all walks of life, all ethnicities, and consider myself an ally of LGBTQ folks.

I believe people are resilient, remarkable and adaptable creatures, and that it is normal to need help sometimes. I think of therapy as a journey together through which I support clients to explore, heal and grow.

What makes me unique?

  1. I specialise in using mindfulness-based and body-oriented therapies. These can help you access your innate wisdom and knowing, as well as strengthen your coping skills from within. Although this is talk therapy, I believe that therapy is more effective when linked with embodied experience.

  2. I use image-making in therapy. From mapping out family dynamics to drawing “from the inside out” I love pulling out my big pad of paper, markers and crayons. (No, clients do not have to be “good at art” to try this!)

  3. I’m an individual just like you. Finding a good fit with a therapist is important and really is the make or break factor in whether therapy is useful or not. I invite you to read a bit  about me to see if it strikes any cords.

  4. Though self-descriptions are often lacking, as a therapist I think of myself as direct (no BS), committed, intuitive and heart-centred. Read more about my approach to counselling.

Counselling can actually be fun, expansive, and engaging. I invite you to get in touch to see if we might be a good fit. Contact me to arrange your initial appointment or fill in the “Let’s Get Started” box on the right and I’ll contact you.

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