I offer workshops in personal growth, inner inquiry, expressive art and mindfulness.

Current workshop

Inner Work Studio: mindfulness, art and movement

Do you need time to tune in with yourself and be in the present moment? Do you want to be better able to navigate and understand your emotions? Do you want to try all this in a safe and creative group setting that is joyful and lively??

If so, join me in this 8-week Inner Work Studio group! I will be drawing from my favourite inner work practices, ones I have done myself for decades and ones my clients also get the most from. I invite playfulness, curiosity and openness as we explore the inner landscape of mind and body.

You will learn the art of Focusing, a mindfulness-based method for working with emotions in the body. We will use art materials and journaling alongside this method to enable you to work with the content of your inner experience in diverse ways.

Sessions will include:

  • Mindful movement and grounding exercises including yoga and qigong 
  • Embodied/mindfulness-based explorations 
  • Psycho-education about emotions, the nervous system, and the body
  • Expressive arts

The group

Participants are asked to commit to coming to each session. Content will build on the previous week but moreover, part of the joy and power of this experience is in the group that forms. The group size will be between 6 and 10 participants.

This group is for you if:

  • You want time to carve out time for yourself, for real self-care
  • You are interested in mindfulness, yoga or art and want tools that build on these practices to work with your “stuff” 
  • You want to connect with others without the usual small talk

Scared of the art-making? Don’t think of yourself as creative?

Before you run and hide, know that in this course you will not be forced to do anything you aren’t willing to try. Anything you make or write is yours and private and you are not obliged to share it. Any art-making is focused on the process, not the end product. We use art materials simply to express what’s going on inside, to give you a language to express, and you will be guided in this process. 

Time and Location

Wednesdays, 7-9pm, October 6th – December 1st, *NO GROUP OCT 27th.*

De La Soul Yoga, 430 York Blvd, Hamilton.

We will plan to meet in-person and we will follow Public Health guidelines.  If we are not able to meet in-person due to changing guidelines, we will meet online.


$400+HST ($452)* for the 8 week series. Fees may be covered if you have extended medical insurance. Please check with your provider. 

Book before August 31st for early bird price of $325+HST ($367.25).
* A pack of art materials may be purchased in addition to the fee, or you may bring your own.

About Stephanie

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice. I encourage you to explore my blog posts to get a sense of my work and approach. I also have a mindfulness-based therapy FAQ which is relevant to the work we will do in this group. My experience facilitating group includes teaching mindfulness classes to seniors, leading mindfulness and arts-based groups for new moms and assisting in teaching counselling students. Find out more about me here!

Contact me by email with queries or interest in registration.

Other types of workshops I offer are:

  • Stress management and anxiety reduction
  • Mindfulness for seniors
  • Mindfulness and arts-based group for women
  • Mama Me: mindfulness and arts-based support group for moms

I am available to work with workplaces, agencies and private groups to provide a group experience tailored to fit your needs. Call me to discuss your needs.


Because our work is based in ‘felt sense’ and imagery, I can take the work home and out into the world to help me strengthen my self awareness as well as work through difficult times.

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