Relationship Counselling

If anything brings up our reactivity and presents us with challenges in life it’s relationships. Many people seek counselling for support in navigating all sorts of different relationships.

While I currently do not offer couples or family therapy, I do help individuals with concerns around relationships.  These concerns can include:

  • repetitive (and unhelpful) patterns or reactions in relationships
  • problems with boundaries and assertiveness
  • problems communicating and expressing oneself
  • difficulties with family members
  • being single and dating
  • coming to terms with the loss of a relationship, or the loss of a dream

Depending on your interests and needs in this kind of work we might use mindfulness-based therapies to explore your inner experience related to a relationship. This might lead to recognising links to past experiences and then helping heal any wounded parts. Sometimes this might mean learning to relate and attend to the “child” part so that you can bring your full adult self into your current relationships.  Or it might involve recognising  emotions and letting them move a little.

Ways I can help include:

  • help you explore your feelings and experience related to particular relationships
  • help you clarify any unhelpful patterns and explore what might be underlying them
  • find (and practice) helpful ways of responding (vs reacting) including regulating your own nervous system and finding effective ways to communicate
  • support to grieve the loss of an important relationship, or the loss of a dream so you can ultimately be free to move on

I can help you develop the self-awareness as well as the skills and discernment necessary to really enjoy all that relationships have to offer.


Stephanie is helping me develop the tools I need to help me through rough patches and ability to recognize patterns in myself that are holding me back in my life and my relationship(s).

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