I note with a smirk that my last post (dated late February) announced that I was off on parental leave and not accepting new clients. True enough. What a different ride it’s been though than the one I was envisaging.

As planned we welcomed a beautiful girl (age 9) into our home on a fostering basis with an intention to adopt. The week after she arrived, everything shut down due to Covid-19, and the Gods laughed at my (very thorough) plans for support during this rather intense family change.

The Gods are laughing
The Gods were laughing

I can smirk now since we’ve come so far as a family, and I’ve learnt so much about parenting a child with a challenging history… what I now know to call “therapeutic parenting“. I feel quite proud of all of us. And now, I’m ever so excited that school in its new form is back, and that I get to re-find my other hats that have been set aside.

May I take a moment to deeply bow to all the families with small children who have made it through, in some shape or form, this immensely challenging time. Everyone has their own story.

So, I’m happy to say I will resume a regular, virtual, practice starting September 15th.

I am able to take some new clients.

While I will offer virtual appointments for now, I am looking into safe ways of allowing in-person visits.