Study: Post-partum Depression More Likely 4 yrs Postpartum

Many women feel relief if they make it through the first few months with no sign of ongoing post-partum depression or anxiety. Having studied, and experienced, post-partum challenges myself I was curious to find this: an article published in Today’s Parent (Feb 2015) showed though that more women reported feeling depression at 4 yrs post-partum than in the first year.Mom and daughter

The study, published in the February 2015 issue of BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (previously published online), asked more than 1,500 women to fill out surveys about their mental and relationship health when their babies were three, six and 18 months old, and again when their children were four years old. One in three women reported having depressive symptoms at least once in four years. In fact, 14.5 percent of women reported feeling depressed at four years postpartum, which was higher than any time-point in the first 12 months.” 

It doesn’t surprise me that with the intensity of child-raising and the changes in life that occur with being a parent, that depression can raise its head outside the post-partum year or two. I’ll have to explore other sources to see if these kind of stats have shown up in other studies. Thoughts welcome. To be continued…

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