My husband and I recently made one of those Big Life Decisions. One that was a fair bit harder and more confusing since we were trying to run our own businesses whilst tag-team parenting our very busy toddler son. One thing we did galvanised us with some much needed mojo.

The inspiration: different planets

In his book The Creative Therapist, Bradford Keeney (Family Therapist and Shamen) relates a story of a session with a couple. The couple talked about being from different planets. In his playful way, Bradford invited them for homework to create a spaceship together to go on a space travel trip.

An odd idea. It stayed in my mind.

Our situation: 

We had made our decision to relocate, and though hopeful we were tired and disoriented. We were fine as a couple, but what couple with a young child couldn’t use some galvanising together fun?

Halloween was also a few days away, and we had dull to mediocre costume ideas.

My idea: spacesuits for Team Home Hamilton

Mojo added!

Mojo added!

Our task as a family was now to create a spacecraft and spacesuits for OUR adventure, ready for Halloween.

I was inspired suddenly. The project fostered my sense that we really are going on a mission to find and create Home. We were doing it as a Team. And we finally have a destination that we’ll give 100% to. Yes. The Team Home Hamilton outfits were born!

My toddler’s stroller became our spaceship. He chose not to get dressed up on the day, but his stroller looked rad with the new family crest – a sequined silver “H” on silver fabric hanging down off each side of the stroller. (Focus on what you CAN control, right?) We wore the same crest on silver space-helmets. We made “inner compasses” pointing up to “H”. And we got a babysitter so we could go play. Just the inspired propulsion forward we needed.

While there’s no formula for creating your own version of this, you can try to listen to your dominate stories and metaphors, and give yourself a practical task that might poke some fun whilst getting you a bit creative. Or check out The Creative Therapist – an inspired book by an inspiring teacher.