Let’s face it. Even with good counselling we all get in ruts, even comfortable, velvet-lined ones. We try to plan and think our way out often. Occasionally it helps. 

Lately I’ve been playing with more creative and absurd ways to get out of stagnant and lifeless situations. Instead of forcing a change of mood, way of thinking or behaviour, simply shift gears. adding play to "grr"

After all Einstein did say 

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Here are some ideas that I’ve been trying that you might like too:

Absurd improv grace

  1. join hands 
  2. someone starts with a sound – a tone is probably easiest, or a rhythm 
  3. others join in with other tones or sounds
  4. harmonize, play with levels, see what wants to emerge
  5. everyone plays with the sounds or noises until a natural closing is found

Find a rhythm instead

  1. When you notice yourself stuck, find a rhythm instead. i.e. start tapping with your fingers or feet, wiggling your body to a beat
  2. Say a word out loud to describe how you feel, e.g.  “grr…anxious” 
  3. Find words to rhyme e.g. “stuck, in the muck, maybe I should go shoot a puck, or buy a lolly for a buck” etc

I’d love to hear your experience if you try these 🙂