Here are some engaging mindfulness courses in that my colleague, co-conspirator and husband Sean Park is offering this Fall in Hamilton. He’s a very alive and engaging teacher. If you’re interested in building your mindfulness skills – both to reduce stress, relate more honestly to yourself and with others, and want to have fun too, check him out. 

Relational Mindfulness

An eight week course on speaking, listening and dialogue as vehicles for developing LaughingBuddhasLRG
awareness and insight.

This course explores the multi-dimensional field of personal and interpersonal experience through deep dialogue. As a rigorous and formal practice of meditation, relational mindfulness reveals how speaking and listening can move beyond the habitual and heady and into wisdom. Interpersonal communication serves as a vehicle for awakening and through explicitly opening to what arises dialogue, we learn to be a steady and responsive vessel in the shifting seas of relating.  Read more about the course here.

Wednesday nights, 6:20–8:30pm, Oct 7 – Nov 25
Melrose United Church, 86 Homewood Avenue, Parlour Room
$400 – Limited spots, please RSVP – Inquire about scholarships

“Sean’s sensitive facilitation of Deep Dialogue helped me see greater possibilities for authentic, meaningful communication.  The exercises in deep listening and telling the truth created an immediate sense of connection with ourselves, and with our partner.  It opened up a whole new dimension to intimacy.  The presence that Sean brought to our group modeled the best of mindful relationship. Anyone interested in having a deeper and more honest experience of self and other should attend Sean’s offerings.”

Sit Down and Shut Up 

A weekly meditation free of the jargon and psychobabble that gets in the way of being with what is.ensotransparent

Cut the psychobabble and fancy talk about meditation and just sit.  No techniques for better mindfulness or talk of stress reduction here.  Start your day with a bare bones commitment to sitting with what is.  We will have the opportunity to reflect upon our experience in a way that keeps us in the confused state of not-knowing, no problems, and no solutions.  Bring a cushion, mat and cozy blanket.

Tuesday mornings, 7-7:50am, September 8 – December 15
4 What It’s Worth, 215 Locke Street South, 2nd Floor
$7 drop-in, $75 whole series (15 weeks) (purchase a pass)

“Thinking on what are the strengths of practicing meditation in a group, I came to think of the meditation course as an extended conversation, and was grateful that Sean was a thoughtful and caring interlocutor. His guidance betrayed no sense of superiority or doctrinal rigidity. He was our companion on a little voyage that may grow to be a big, wonderful one as our practices take hold” – Mindfulness course participant

These courses are part of a centre that Sean Park is launching in Hamilton.  The Centre for Contemplative and Creative Engagement will focus on bringing engaged contemplative practices and creative coaching services to individuals and groups.

Register online or email Sean with any queries.