My colleague Andrea Towler is starting up a range of new trauma-informed yoga classes. She is a kind and calm teacher with a depth of practice and knowledge. I recommend her classes for those with a history of trauma who are also in therapy. Find out more at Healing Together Yoga.

Andrea’s work builds on mindfulness skills such as those I mention in Mindfulness tools for everyday sanity and one of my favourite qi gong movement practices. Approaches that integrate movement and body awareness into healing are so important especially for trauma survivors.

“Healing Together provides hope, support and a holistic approach to healing from trauma.  It integrates the time-tested wisdom of classical yoga philosophy with an evidence based mindful movement practice and current research in the field of trauma. Healing Together offers workshops and private sessions for individuals healing from trauma as well as training for yoga teachers and service providers.”

Upcoming classes

“Once your abuser stops abusing you, who continues the abuse?’ was a central reflection at the sweatlodge which formed the core of my spiritual practice for many years. Speaking to the violence inherent in abuse or attachment trauma, as well as the more insidious internalization of violence that can occur as a result of abuse and trauma, this question allows us to recognize and challenge the self-destructive tendencies which occur as a result of internalized violence.” Andrea Towler

In Andrea’s courses you can learn more about how to practice (rather than just think about) self-compassion, something I’m relying on more and more in my work with clients.