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The story of the upside down bird

A bird flying upside down. A tightly wound coil.An open lake.A powerful dragon getting flight and exploring the world for the first time.  What do these have in common? These are all inner images that clients have found during sessions … Continue reading

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Press release: book on motherhood available for pre-order!

I’m excited, proud and slightly nervous to announce that my first peer-reviewed article will be published soon!  My article is called “Navigating the Waters of Early Motherhood: Somatic Awareness, Creative Expression, and Being Held”.  It is intended in part to … Continue reading

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The power of play

An unforeseen, recently-acquired hobby of mine is clowning. I’ve attended a few trainings with my now esteemed teacher Helen Donnelly in Toronto. Aside from being a skilled theatrical clown, she is also a therapeutic clown in children’s hospitals which impresses me even … Continue reading

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The way the nightmares disappeared: a story about anger in grief

Anger is a normal part of grief but expressing it can be hard because we tend not to like to feel angry.  Anger can be taboo especially for women, and especially as part of grief. We may recognise it, but often we don’t know … Continue reading

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Finding your holiday compass

There is a inflatable dinosaur with a santa hat eating a gift in the front garden of a neighbour. My 2 yr old is captivated by the dinosaur and excited about Santa but has no clue about baby Jesus. Hmm. The holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas … Continue reading

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Beyond candy: find the juice this Halloween

This post first appeared in the Oct 2015, SoulSoil newsletter. Has Hallowe’en has become a bit stale? A bit too full of plastic jack o’lanterns and skulls, over-produced costumes and absurd amounts of candy? For me, yes to both.   Drawing on … Continue reading

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The Vast Sea

I don’t usually buy art. I’m too thrifty to justify that expense. This week I did something unusual. In fact this past month has been a bit different.  I’ll tell you a bit to lead up to the painting purchase … Continue reading

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Injecting play: improv grace and more

Let’s face it. Even with good counselling we all get in ruts, even comfortable, velvet-lined ones. We try to plan and think our way out often. Occasionally it helps.  Lately I’ve been playing with more creative and absurd ways to … Continue reading

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Inner Itch

Ooh, I had an uncomfortable “I’ve gotta get it out” inner itch today.  Do you get that, when you know something is bubbling up inside, but you don’t quite know what it is or what it has in store for … Continue reading

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Infusing a choice with creative mojo: the family space travel adventure

My husband and I recently made one of those Big Life Decisions. One that was a fair bit harder and more confusing since we were trying to run our own businesses whilst tag-team parenting our very busy toddler son. One thing … Continue reading

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